Date Your Spouse - Mandee Matthews Photography

Do You Date Your Spouse Enough?

Being intentional about going out on date nights with your spouse is important. Most of us get tied up with our busy work schedules and home routines, that we often forget to date our spouse. How often do you date your spouse? I decided to do some research to see what the recommended number of…
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Ways family can be healthy in 2020

Is Your Family Healthy in These 3 Areas?

Is your family healthy in these three areas below? Do you want to experience change this year? Robert and I sat down together discussing what areas of health are important for every family. 1. Physically Why do you want to be healthy physically? Robert always says let’s figure out the why to anything and then…
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Shame to Jesus

To the Person that is Walking in Shame

To the Person that is Walking in Shame, Do you feel ashamed from your past and things you’ve done?  Perhaps you have been walking with the Lord for a while now, but are in a season that you feel defeated and have maybe slipped away from him. The Holy Spirit laid it on my heart…
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Seek God as a Family - Mandee Matthews Photography

Seek God as a Family in 2020

Are you seeking what God’s plans are for your family this year? I sit here in the passenger side of the car on vacation. My husband, Robert, is driving and our son, Daniel is in the back seat gabbing away happily, reading books, and just enjoying the ride. We’re not too far away from our…
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Family Spending Time Together

Raising Children to Become Whole Adults

Robert and I want our son to grow up knowing his identity and to walk in the purpose that he was uniquely created for. We want him to grow up to live a life full of joy, to have a healthy family, and to leave an impact on the world. We believe that all of…
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Family - Photo Credit: The Copper Lens Photography

Two Year Wedding & Family Anniversary

  Today is our two year wedding anniversary, but as we like to say, today is our two year family anniversary! We made a video accompanied by this post to share with you a little bit about our story and how excited we are to be celebrating two years together as a family. Our Family’s…
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Family Time

10 Ideas for Quality Family Time

Quality time is important for every member of the family, especially our children. Our family is our first ministry. You may be asking yourself, what does quality family time look like in your everyday life? Below you will find a few ideas for indoor and outdoor quality time.  Ideas for Quality Family Time Outdoor Take…
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Child Playing

9 Ideas for Your Child’s Independent Play

Having your child make a list of things to do independently can help your child and you a ton! This summer has been quite an adventure with Daniel (our 9-year-old) and I both home together. The first two weeks of summer consisted of him constantly asking me what we are going to do next or…
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Jesus Healed Me

Jesus Healed Me of the Fear of Bridges

Jesus healed me of the fear of bridges (Gephyrophobia). Do you or someone you know struggle with driving over bridges? I want to share with you my journey of healing. How it Started Only 2 months into marriage, my husband needed an emergency appendectomy. His appendix became inflamed and started to leak which can be…
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Scripture Sheet to Start Your Day

We have created a printable scripture sheet with some of our favorite verses. The best way to start your day is by spending time with Jesus. Spending time with the Lord can look different in every believer’s day-to-day life. Maybe you find yourself in the word daily studying scripture. Some of you might wake up…
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