What if the life you are seeking is hidden in plain sight?

We have been blinded to the blessings God has designed for us. It is time for us to open our eyes and live a fruitful life.

Purpose on the Path

Purpose on the Path: Discovering How Growing Closer to God Reveals Your Purpose

“How do I know my journey has a purpose?

You were created with a purpose, so the path you currently find yourself on is where you will find the answer. Your life’s journey may look different, be unplanned, or disorganized, but

God knows exactly where you stand. As we walk on our path, we need to see and hear that God is with us. My hope is that the chapters in this book will open your eyes and ears to the amazing journey we

have with God.”

Past to Purpose

Past  to Purpose: 14 Short Stories to Help You Find Your Purpose

“Does my past have a purpose?

Life events can bring us so much pain that the thought of something good coming from them can seem outrageous. Even after the event has came and gone, the pain remains. To see the purpose in our past, we need to see with eyes greater than our own. Within each test and trial, you will see how God has a greater plan for your life. These short real-life stories will give you a new perspective on life’s challenges. In each story, you will find how God was there but was hidden by pain and problems.”