Becoming Open & Transparent

Writing a Letter

The first thing we must do to be open, and honest, and transparent with other people in our lives is to first be open and honest with God. If we can’t have honest, open, transparent conversations with our Heavenly Father, then we are not going to have this with other people. It is important to learn to do this in our prayer time, studying, in our conversations with God, to truly tell Him how we feel. We have to talk to Him about our struggles and our emotions even though He knows and already hears and sees and feels our pain. He wants us to communicate that, and it brings a lot of healing and release when we can be open and honest with God. The Psalms in the Bible are perfect representations on how we can cry out to Him.

We need practical things that we can stay focused on for healthy relationships. It is really important to be open and put yourself out there with a trusted friend. I know some of you are thinking right now that is so hard. Others may think I tell people how I feel all the time. You need to find at least one person to be your accountability partner, and they can tell you how they feel.

I was praying one time, and I felt like God wanted me to write Him a letter. I began to write this letter to Him expressing my feelings and pain, as well as thanking Him for being my Savior. I find it so healthy to write a letter to other people as well that may have hurt you to get those feelings and emotions out on paper. This is where you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings.

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Below is my letter to God that we discussed in our podcast episode entitled Honest Brings Growth:

Dear Dad,

I am sorry for not doing all the things you taught me were the right things. I know that I let you down more times than I can count. Through all my wrong, I am so thankful you never left me and you have always been there to pick me up. I can never repay the time and energy you have spent to show your love for me. I know your love for me is greater than my love for myself, and I know you will always help me, but I wanted to try for myself first. I am sorry for not asking for your help sooner or at all sometimes.

Thank you for understanding that I had to try and letting me come home when it didn’t work. I realize I wasted your money time and time again on selfish desires. I am not sure why you trusted me and continued to help, but thank you. As you know, I have experienced a lot of physical, mental, and emotional pain through the years. Some things I did to deserve it and others were not my fault, but it all has affected me. Through all the pain, I know you have been there even when I didn’t ask for help. At times, I felt you close to help, while others I know your were protecting over me.

As I have walked through so many things even now, I know you’re there for me through it all. I want you to know that I love you. I can’t even express with words or say it enough how thankful I am. Again, I ask for your help and presence today as I don’t want to continue this journey alone. Help me feel your presence and hear your voice more than before. My desire is to know your fullness before I die. I want to experience all you have for me lacking nothing. I truly want to look like you and represent you well until we meet face to face.


Your Son


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  1. D_analyzt says:

    This is one of the most beautiful sincere letter have ever read . God is ever patient and kind towards us . He loves us unconditionally

  2. Brandi Michelle says:

    I too have found that writing a letter is very cathartic, especially for those who are less prone to be vulnerable. Thanks for sharing your beautiful letter.

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