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Ways family can be healthy in 2020

Is Your Family Healthy in These 3 Areas?

Is your family healthy in these three areas below? Do you want to experience change this year? Robert and I sat down together discussing what areas of health are important for every family. 1. Physically Why do you want to be healthy physically? Robert always says let’s figure out the why to anything and then…
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Jesus Healed Me

Jesus Healed Me of the Fear of Bridges

Jesus healed me of the fear of bridges (Gephyrophobia). Do you or someone you know struggle with driving over bridges? I want to share with you my journey of healing. How it Started Only 2 months into marriage, my husband needed an emergency appendectomy. His appendix became inflamed and started to leak which can be…
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Balancing Life and Self-Care

 I am so glad one of our readers asked for information about about balancing life, work, having a family, and self-care to avoid burn out. For a long time I personally struggled with work-life balance and didn’t even pay attention to truly taking care of myself. This led to… you guessed it… burn out and…
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