Jesus Healed Me of the Fear of Bridges

Jesus Healed Me

Jesus healed me of the fear of bridges (Gephyrophobia). Do you or someone you know struggle with driving over bridges? I want to share with you my journey of healing.

How it Started

Only 2 months into marriage, my husband needed an emergency appendectomy. His appendix became inflamed and started to leak which can be very dangerous. I was working when he called me to update me on his ER visit. He began to tell me what it was and that they were about to take him back to surgery. As a nurse, I knew how dangerous this could be.

I left work to drive over to the hospital that he was at which was over 45 minutes away, and I started having a panic attack on a bridge on the way over there from fear of losing him. I saw my first husband die in a hospital from a motorcycle accident years before, so those thoughts were running through my head without me even realizing it. After a difficult season of multiple procedures, Robert is completely healed and fine. However, something still remained…


Panic Attacks

I began having panic attacks over bridges every time I attempted to drive over a bridge after that. My eyes would almost go black, my heart would race, and I would hyperventilate to the point where I couldn’t catch my breath. Screaming, I would pray out loud to God to protect me and get me across safely. My son was in the backseat one day, and he was praying for me. It broke my heart that my son would have to see that and be a part of it. After that, I totally avoided driving over bridges – I couldn’t face that again. For months and months I kept praying, “God please heal me!”

I sought prayer from my husband at home and also with different members of our church for healing. I also sought Christian counseling. It is so important to be vulnerable and to open up with someone safe that can pray for your healing and help you walk through the healing process. I know I felt embarrassed and full shame and was scared to open up, but those feelings are not from God. Once you become vulnerable and open, the healing process can begin.

The First Dream

One night, God gave me a dream of me driving over the bridge. In the dream, I was not afraid and felt joyous. I woke up telling my husband the dream. My husband told me about how God wants to do great things in our lives and heal us, but we have to take a step.

I realized, that I have been praying for healing, but I had not been willing to take a step with the Holy Spirit to actually get back on the bridge. I told my husband I was ready to try again. He encouraged me and said he would go with me. I was so nervous during the first half of the bridge, but I was not screaming or unable to catch my breath. At the top of the bridge I was so happy I did it. I overcame, but I still didn’t feel 100% about it yet.

The Second Dream

I had another dream several nights later of driving over the bridge again. When I woke up, I knew I had to drive over the bridge alone with just me and God. I wanted to know for sure that Jesus healed me, and that it wasn’t just the comfort of my husband with me. As I drove onto the on-ramp alone to the bridge where my heart used to pound, I began to feel joy as I did in my dream. Driving over the bridge alone, I cried and cried and cried some more with tears of joy and laughter. After 11 months of fear of driving over the bridge, I was shopping on the other side of town in stores by myself with no one that drove me there.

Seeking healing from a phobia or anything else can be painful, but it is worth it for yourself and your family.


I Was No Longer Bound

I am beyond thankful for the support of my husband, my son, and my church family throughout this healing process. While my son witnessed me with so much fear driving over the bridge, he also has seen God’s healing power. Jesus healed me and showed my child how real He is. He is not just our Savior and Creator, He is our healer and so much more.

Jesus loves you and wants to set you free too! He didn’t just heal me from the fear of bridges, but He also healed some deep down hurt and pain throughout the process. Jesus healed me of the fear of bridges (Gephyrophobia) and more!

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” 1 John 4:18a

I highly recommend the book Inner Healing and Deliverance by Guillermo Maldonado. Please check out our resource page for more resources to help encourage you along your walk. Also, be sure to look up Christian counselors in your area as well. We love to hear from you. Please drop a comment below.

Jesus Healed Me


15 Responses

  1. Yaremi says:

    wow.. this testimony is just proof that God is a healer of all!! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Amen! Yes He is. I’m so thankful to be able to share this testimony of healing. It was such a hard, dark season going through it. He is so faithful to His promises. I pray that others can find strength in my story.

  2. Kerrigan Randolph says:

    How amazing! Our Heavenly Father is so SO good! Thank you Carmen for being so transparent & open about a difficult season in your life. What an amazing testimony! This is just more proof of how faithful & true our God is. He is our good good father. Love you sweet friend πŸ₯°

  3. Wil says:

    Very strong testimony and well written. Thank God you’re now healed from this.

  4. Yaniah Rivera says:

    This is crazy. But so many people suffer from this fear and other fears too. God is so good to us

    • Yes – I know so many people who suffer from phobias from something traumatic that has happened. I hope this post will encourage those who struggle with fear or have a family member who does.

  5. This is such a sweet story of deliverance from the spirit of fear. I love little victories like this. Jesus is so loving and healing. ❀

  6. Pure Glory says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is encouraging. A number of years ago, I too had a fear of driving over bridges. I would cry out to God while driving 20 miles an hour on a freeway. I cried out to God and he healed my soul. No longer do I creep across high bridges. Praise God!

  7. Kathy says:

    A very transparent post about your fear and how it developed, plus hope that God can heal! I’ve lived with anxiety, too, and been so thankful that I can depend on God to help me with it.

  8. Thank you for commenting, Kathy. My favorite scripture to combat fear is β€œPerfect love casts out all fear.” It took time for me to truly receive His love for me and to surrender total trust with my life after so much trauma. Hope you have a great New Year!

  9. Sybil says:

    I need prayers, I have a terrible spirit of fear, I can’t drive as usual it’s been five years ands it’s getting worse

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