Is Your Family Healthy in These 3 Areas?

Ways family can be healthy in 2020

Is your family healthy in these three areas below? Do you want to experience change this year? Robert and I sat down together discussing what areas of health are important for every family.

1. Physically

Why do you want to be healthy physically? Robert always says let’s figure out the why to anything and then it will stick. Is your reason that you want to be healthy so you can do more with your kids? Let’s say you have a family trip planned to the mountains and you know you all will be hiking. You want to make sure you will be ready for an activity like that, so you can start training now at the gym or at home.

Exercise and clean food are good for the entire family. When we exercise, our body releases the “feel good” hormones called endorphins which in turn make us happier. Our family likes to take bike rides, play tennis, or simply just take walks around the neighborhood. Clean eating and exercise help us feel better physically and gives us more energy to do more. Studies have also shown that by eating healthy on a daily basis, it can reduce anxiety and depression. Check out this book that I really enjoyed by a christian neuroscientist, Eat and Think Yourself Smart.

As a family you can always start off by taking family walks no matter how old your children are or find a new hobby to take up such as golf, tennis, or bike riding.

2. Spiritually & 3. Emotionally

I combined spiritual and emotional health because I feel like they go hand and hand. What did you do when you first fell in love with God and are you still doing these things? Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of life that we leave God for last. Why should you be in love with God, and why does it matter? Why do you want your kids to be in love with God? These are great questions to ask yourself! Again, when you know the why, it’s easier to do the what. Pursue God and fall in love with Him again.

Remember, your relationship with God is the strongest example your children have. You can take them to church to see great pastors preach, but your influence and example in the home means the most.

If you aren’t healthy emotionally then you will not be able to do a lot because you’re not going to be good at stress management. I know in seasons where I haven’t been healthy emotionally, I would come home from work and literally lay on the couch for hours not wanting to talk to anyone in my family. My poor husband and son during that season. I want to be emotionally healthy not only for myself, but for my family.

It looks different for everyone. For me, I learned that working part-time instead of full-time in a different nursing job truly helped with my emotional health as I am not highly stressed from work. On days that I get off work I can actually function and do activities with my family and even basic chores which I struggled with before. The thought of leaving my previous nursing job was difficult until I continued to pray about it. I am not saying to pick up and leave a job when things are tough, but seek what God wants for you in prayer because your emotional health is important too. It is important to zoom out sometimes and see the big picture. People are replaceable in a role at work, but you are not replaceable to your family.

Be sure to have people you can talk to and of course talk to God. I found that of course with prayer as well as sharing what I’m going through with close friends and leaders at my church, it has helped me so much emotionally.

Are your children struggling with their emotions?

With our son, I’ve noticed certain days I have picked him up from school that he was feisty or argumentative. I started to learn that it wasn’t me, but the fact that something was going on at school but he didn’t know how to process it or talk about it. Finding ways for your children to communicate with you is also key to a healthy parent-child relationship. My husband and Daniel communicate over sports. I had to figure out a different way that works for Daniel and me when we are alone together. For us, taking him out to ice cream after school or to an early dinner at one of our favorite restaurants helps.

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  1. Sue Love says:

    Thank you! This was good. Yes, emotional and spiritual health do go hand in hand. The spiritual must come first, though, if we are also going to be healthy emotionally.

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    A good health check reminder, thanks

  3. Beautifully written. Spirit, soul and body must be cared for.

  4. Great post. So important to have close relationships. We were created to be relational.

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