Do You Date Your Spouse Enough?

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Being intentional about going out on date nights with your spouse is important. Most of us get tied up with our busy work schedules and home routines, that we often forget to date our spouse.

How often do you date your spouse?

I decided to do some research to see what the recommended number of date nights is.

A study was conducted of over 10,000 couples with a small child of how often they had date nights. The results are quite interesting.

11% went on a date night once a week or more
30% went on a date night one a month or more
23% went on a date night less often than once a month
36% hardly ever went on a date night

According to the study, the recommended number of date nights is once a month. Too many date nights can involve more stress of finding a sitter and more money. Too little date nights and our marriages can often become neglected.

What constitutes a date night?

Every couple has different needs. I would say it involves spending quality time with your spouse to be able to communicate and disconnect from the responsibilities of work and home. Focus on constantly learning your spouse as you did when you were dating.

What do your date nights look like?

We have friends with children and we tend to help watch each others kids so we can each get a date night every so often. Date nights are a great time to just communicate without interruptions about important topics, fun topics, and future endeavors and dreams. My favorite date nights are scooting out to a nice dinner and walking around with Robert. We forget about work and chores in the home and just enjoy each other.

Over 1/3 of couples are hardly ever going on date nights. When I hear this number I picture couples with babies and toddlers, really busy work schedules, or the difficulty of finding a sitter.

I understand when children are smaller it can be a little more demanding and even harder to find a sitter at times. If there is absolutely no way to find a sitter, is there a way you can plan a romantic evening with your spouse when the littles are off to bed? Candlelight dinner or dessert and maybe play a game asking each other questions about each other. This is a fun way to reconnect.

Going out on date nights with your spouse is important. I hope this post will encourage you find some time to schedule a date night with your other half. How often do you go on date nights? What are some date night ideas you have done or would like to do in future?

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16 Responses

  1. Yes! Marriage is not a spectator sport.

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a couple likes today. I appreciate your time to do so. Your article makes me remember when. At now sixty-six years of marriage, my husband and I like the same evening activities which definitely do not include going out of the house. 😀 Thankfully we are well enough to do so if we wanted to.

  3. 😀 Hope you have eternal blessings together.

  4. Great advice and suggestions! I need to buckle up.

    • Time slips by when we have children. Sometimes we need those little reminders.

      • Yes, those little reminders make a big difference. I cannot afford to keep saying “he understands”.. sometimes, I need to act like “he may not understand”. This post started something new in my relationship. Thank you for sharing ♥️

  5. We are so trying to work more date nights into our life! We’re only 2 years into marriage with an almost 1 year old and a bonus 7 yr old. It’s hard. Thank you for this encouragement!

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