It’s Okay for Your Child to be Different


It is totally okay for your child to be different. Have you ever been told that you are shielding your child from too much? I know I have, and I am totally okay with that.  As our 10-year-old has gotten older, I have realized how many shows or even books are not up to our family’s standards. It was a lot easier when he was little; the shows were more cartoonish with sing-a-longs and little animals. The books were just tiny picture books teaching them words. Some of the new books have children sneaking out and lying to parents or performing spells.

Our kids and us are supposed to be set apart. I just wanted to write and let y’all know that it is okay to not agree with how other families parent their kids. It is our job to teach them what is right and acceptable to the Lord.

Our children, our families are not supposed to be like everyone else. We should have higher standards for our families.

Our family does not allow anything that could open doors to the enemy or cause us to be in bondage in our home or family (magic, ghosts, bad morals, zombies, witchcraft, other “gods”, or symbolism from the occult). Many of these occult things I listed are very common now days in both children and adult movies, songs, shows, and books. You can even find many of this hidden in some home decor trends. You cannot unlearn once you learn how allowing these different things in can harm your family. Honoring Jesus is the most important to us. We want what we watch, read, listen to, or own to be life-giving and God-honoring.

As he and his classmates get older, bullying or judging others is more common now. We are sure to teach our son about showing love to all people including the not-so-popular or even not the nicest. I tell him how everyone has a story and that hurting people hurt people. If someone is mean to him, we pray together for that child.

Having higher standards is not a bad thing. It is okay for your child to be different and it is okay for you to be different. We am here to help and encourage you along this journey. Please feel free to shoot us a message on our contact page or drop a comment below.

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  1. Greatbpost. I took notes☺️ You have an amazing 10 year old. Knowing God at an early age is the best childhood experience one can ever have.

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