To the Person that is Walking in Shame

Shame to Jesus

To the Person that is Walking in Shame,

Do you feel ashamed from your past and things you’ve done?  Perhaps you have been walking with the Lord for a while now, but are in a season that you feel defeated and have maybe slipped away from him. The Holy Spirit laid it on my heart so strongly this afternoon to write this post. My friend, if you feel worthless and shame, please keep on reading.

You might be one with a dark, even embarrassing past – I did too. I had a reputation and labels put on me by the world that I was not proud of; I walked with shame. God didn’t put that shame or those labels on me, but instead He calls me His.

Shame is not from God. We are not meant to walk in shame but rather, we are loved and accepted by Him.

My past was full of hurt, pain, and craziness. Can you relate? I turned away from the things of the world, but still carried the weight of them. I walked around unknowingly with a heart crying out with pain from all of the memories that I did not give Him, but instead kept bottled aside to “keep me safe” from feeling the pain and shame again.

When I met my husband, I did not think he would like me, because I didn’t feel qualified to be with a good christian guy even though he was my dream man. Those thoughts the enemy planted in my mind were wrong. God gave Robert the eyes to see me the way God sees me, the way I didn’t even see myself. Do you look at yourself the way Jesus looks at you?

I am a new creation in Christ Jesus and so are you if you have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior. He wipes away your sins as far as the east is from the west. You are born again!

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Jesus wants to take everything you are carrying inside sweet child of God. It’s not meant for you to hide and carry. He will heal that pain, He will clean out that wound no matter how old or fresh it is. There are hurts and pains and scars formed along this journey of life, but they will not be without purpose. Jesus is a gentle God that will heal you throughout your walk with Him and your complete surrender. My scars are a testimony of what I have overcome with Him.

When you begin to understand how much you are loved, beautiful, and perfect through the eyes of the Father, the One who created you, you’ll be able to hold your head up higher and walk with Godfidence throughout your life. God will redeem your past just like He has redeemed mine.

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  1. Lori says:

    Wow!! Just wow!!! I struggled with this so long. And hate to admit it there are times those thoughts creep back in, “ if they knew …… they would never accept me”. It’s a hard battle but a battle He will fight for us. Thank you for such a transparent beautiful post. You are so loved

  2. Yaniah Rivera says:

    Such a good reflection!!! Needed to remind myself that I need to see people how God sees them. Not how I see them

    • Thank you! That is so good Yaniah. He i me faithful to give us His eyes to see others the way He sees them. I’ve prayed that about a certain family member before and even an old coworker that wasn’t very nice to me. He definitely changed my eyes and my heart.

  3. Oh yes, the battle of the mind. The enemy will always try to plant those thoughts, but we can remind him whose we are and who we are 🙌🏻You and Bill are amazing and we love you guys! Thank you for all of your support ❤️

  4. “There are hurts and pains and scars formed along this journey of life, but they will not be without purpose.”

    He is conforming us more into His image with every trial we face. On the other side of pain, is restoration beauty and sanctification until a final day of full restoration and healing at the return of Christ.

    Thank for sharing!

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Thank you for this post and thank you for reading my parenting posts and the comment!

  6. I think this might be one of my favorite aspects of Jesus’ Gospel – that God is a God of love and shame is not from Him. “For God so loved the world…” Perfectly put, friend 😊.

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