Becoming Healthier in 2021 – Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, and Relationally

2021 New Year

I know becoming healthier is pretty much everyone’s New Year’s resolution every year, but health is important now more than ever. When I say health, I am meaning physically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. We all have ways we can improve in all of these areas. Yes, it is possible for you and your family to do this. Let’s start off by talking about the reasons why is it oh-so-important in 2021 to be healthy in all of these areas.

Physical Health

First off, being physically healthy benefits you in multiple ways. I think during quarantine, we were all in our kitchens a lot more baking and trying new recipes that maybe weren’t the healthiest but more comfort food. Your body can fight off viruses and colds a lot better when you are healthy. Working out, getting sun every day, and eating a well-balanced diet with a plate full of color will boost your immune system and even your emotional health.

To get your family on the same page, plan ahead before you go grocery shopping or when you order your groceries online. Find healthier substitutions for some of your favorite junk food and plan some nutritious meals. It is important to try to start somewhere even if it is just a few minor changes. I will share more about a few of the substitutions and things we have taken out of our diet in another post.

Get active and exercise together! This can be fun for everyone. Go out on nature walks, play outside together, and get some fresh air. Unplug from electronics for a little while and spend some quality time together. Check out our blog post 10 Ideas for Quality Family Time.

Spiritual Health

The world is chaotic around us. Jesus is the one that gives us peace and is stability. We have to be suited up in the full armor of God to be ready for what is out there. I am not just talking about being reactive to the schemes of the enemy but being proactive in the kingdom of God. People in our world are looking for answers and hope. Your children are looking to you.

Ways to Focus on Your Spiritual Health:

  • Spend time in God’s presence- Pray and spend time listening to God. Take time to worship.
  • Read the Word every day- if you struggle with this, try finding a Bible reading plan to get you back into the word. Your appetite will develop as you eat more. 🙂
  • Take a class or join a bible study in-person or virtually- My husband and I really like all of the courses from John & Lisa Bevere on Messenger International. They even have material for kids!

It is our responsibility as the body of Christ to be the light and to show God’s love and hope. I am saying this with love — 2020 has made many people comfortable being home and focused on themselves. We have to be spending time with God and helping others however that looks for you. The gospel, the good news, is not just for us. Don’t go into 2021 with an empty cup. We cannot pour out to others from an empty cup.

Emotional Health

2020 has been a hard year emotionally for most. What are some practical ways to becoming emotionally healthier in 2021 for yourself and your family? Try unplugging from social media or not spending all of your time watching the news. There is an apparent spirit of division running ramped. We have so much information being thrown at us so quickly. Much of this information is negative and is really affecting our mental health. Focus on filling your mind with more positive than negative information in 2021.

What is it that you enjoy doing? For me in this season, I have taken up a new art hobby. My husband has started a tennis group with a few guys and plays weekly. Our son has been playing sports, taken up the piano, and is loving playing with his new legos. These are things we enjoy.

Relational Health

If and when things get back to some sort of normal, do not forget to focus on relationships again. 2020 has been the year where I truly believe we have all had the most time with our families. We as a people have also realized how important relationships are and to be in community with others. Community has been taken away from us for some time now. If you cannot meet up in person with others, be intentional in 2021 calling people on the phone, or maybe even start a virtual group. My husband and I led one during the summer and it was very refreshing for everyone including us.

During quarantine, we made sure we FaceTimed a few of our son’s friends, so he could continue to have relationships with his peers and not feel isolated. We now feel comfortable having a few friends over or to play at the park to ensure he gets time with friends his age. Our son is in virtual school for the remainder of the school year, and we want to ensure we continue to have good friends his life in 2021.

If you are reading this, I wanted to say that I am proud of you for focusing on becoming healthier in 2021. You, your family, and countless others will benefit from you being a healthy you.

Becoming Healthier in 2021



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  1. Lori says:

    you have such profound wisdom. This is such a great read, which i plan on implementing!

  2. Thank you for your golden nuggets of wisdom! I really enjoyed reading this concise post.

  3. Ufuoma says:

    This was very insightful. You touched all areas that have been a struggle in this very unusual year. Thank you.

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