The Holy Spirit Moving in Our Life

Holy Spirit Moving

Recently, I received a gift of a windchime which made me think back to my childhood in Mississippi.

When I was a kid, windchimes were on everyone’s front porch. If you walked in the neighborhood it sounded like a symphony with all the different wind chimes. But it was not like this every day. Because on days where there was no wind, there was an awkward silence. You can take for granted the noise from a wind chime if you do not understand how it’s designed. A wind chime moves by the power of the wind. So, it cannot produce any noise unless there is the presence of wind.

A pastor once shared the example of how we are like a wind chime, and the Holy Spirit is the wind. We are designed to make a beautiful noise and to make an impact on the people around us. The Holy Spirit brings power for us to fulfill our purpose. Our life is meant to be driven and impacted by the presence of God. When God’s power is in our lives, not only does it make our life purposeful, but it impacts others around us. Just like the wind chime, we cannot try to fulfill and do things on our own. When God moves, we move. Instead of trying to figure out how to move, we need to be prepared to make a noise when God moves.

Heavenly Father, help us to be more focused on what you are doing than what we can do. Make us your vessels to operate as you designed us to. In Jesus’ name, Amen



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  1. I love this example. It’s so very true.

  2. Thank you for sharing this inspiring message. Have a great day and remain safe.

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