A Day in the Life of Our 10-year-old During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I wanted to share with you what a week day looks like in the life of our 10-year-old son for you to have some ideas for your school-aged children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is very important to us to make sure Daniel has structure and routine in his day. Structure and routine help a child feel safe especially in stressful times. It has been our goal to make sure he does not feel the impact of being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has seemed to work, since Robert and I personally feel like he is even happier during this time!

When he wakes up, he reads his bible and plays worship music.

He has done several sports devotionals too, but we have wanted to change it up for him by just sticking with the bible for now. Here is one sports devotional he really liked. He is very inquisitive and will ask us questions about what he reads. We make sure to always ask what his devotional is about to share we care and so we can talk about it.

He is allowed to start school after reading his devo and eating breakfast.

We try to go outside around lunch time if we can.

It gives him a break from the computer and school in general and is healthy for us physically and mentally. We like to take walks or bike rides. On Robert’s days off, he joins us for some outdoor family fun.

When we get home he then does the following things in any order he chooses:

Art Time

20 minutes of reading – School requirement (Some of his favorite are from the Micah’s Super Vlog series – check out our video on this series)

Art – Typically he will draw 1 or 2 things from Art for Kids Hub or he and I will do some sort of activity

Spanish lessons – He uses Duolingo. <-He learns more Spanish on this than with me trying to teach him lolll

Typing lessons – He enjoys Typing Club
We are always around btw when he is online. Can’t leave any room for the enemy to try to attack our babies. These are all educational, but things he enjoys.

After he finishes school, he then starts on his chores. His daily chore chart is below:

Monday – clean room

Tuesday – clean bathroom

Wednesday – do any chore mom wants done

Thursday – wash and dry clothes

Friday – put up clothes

After his chores, he is then allowed to have electronic time or free play.

We do limit electronic time to 1 hour per day on school days and 2 hours a day on the weekends. Kids who have more than 2 hours of electronic time a day are more likely to have emotional or social problems according to various studies online. Check out our video on electronic time by Daniel and Robert.

I made sure to stock up on items that would keep him entertained during this time.

He has really enjoyed doing puzzles. This is one way we also spend time together. We also love to cook together meals and desserts. He has several new books that I ordered as well as different art supplies to keep him busy.

Our afternoons and evenings vary. I did want to mention to make sure you pray over your children before bedtime. God is the one who gives us peace and protection.

I hope the outline of our 10-year-old’s day during the COVID-19 pandemic helps a little bit if you are struggling with what your kids can do. If you have any questions or additional ideas please comment below.

A day in the life of our 10 year old


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  1. This is really great. I love the schedule and activities picked out for him. ☺

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