Your Family Has Different Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Your family has been placed together with unique spiritual gifts and talents.

Check out this video we made as a family on this topic and other videos as well.

We took the Spiritual Gift Test from this book: What You Do Best in the Body of Christ: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Personal Style, and God-Given Passion. There are a variety of free spiritual gift tests you can take online as well.

It was really cool to see what Daniel’s results were after he took the spiritual gift test. He was smiling with his little dimples showing. It is great for everyone especially kids to know what God has placed in them. We taught Daniel how we each have different spiritual gifts and talents that can be used to advance the kingdom of God together. A lot of times we get caught up in what our individual purpose is. We have to zoom out and realize we have a purpose as a family as well.

These are our top spiritual gift results as a family:

Robert (dad) – teaching, prophecy, words of knowledge

Carmen (mom) – mercy, hospitality, and discernment

Daniel (son) – hospitality, words of knowledge, shepherding, discernment, craftsmanship, faith

Here is an example with our family on how our unique gifts from God can work together. Let us say we have a group of people over at our house. I have the gift of hospitality and make everyone feel welcomed. Daniel then discerns that something is wrong with someone. He whispers to one of us. Robert has the gift of prophecy and then prophesies over and encourages that person. The person came in feeling depressed but left feeling encouraged and filled up.

Your talents can also help the body of Christ. Are you good with your hands? Do you like to cook? Do you play an instrument? All of these things can be used to help the kingdom of God. It is no coincidence that you love what you do or have a natural knack for it. 🙂

You and your family have a variety of spiritual gifts and talents. What are they? Please share with us below as we would love to hear!

Featured image credit: Mandee Matthews Photography

Your Family Has Different Spiritual Gifts & Talents


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  1. I enjoyed watching your family video and the analogy was spot on. We have unique gifts and our gifts should be used to advance God’s kingdom, the body of Christ. It is so beautiful that your son is a part of this awesomeness. No junior Holyspirit. ♥️

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