Become a Participator and Not a Spectator in 2021

Was 2020 more of a spectating year for you or a participating year?

Let’s define a spectator as someone who watches others enjoy life and not attaining what you want in your own. A participator takes part in their journey.

How do you move from being a spectator to a participator in 2021?

Write down your top three goals.

Keep your goals in front of you. Post them on your mirror, wall, or even background on your phone. Most importantly, pray about these goals. What does God want you to put your energy towards? Are these goals what He wants you to do?

Share those goals with at least one friend to hold you accountable.

Goals kept in your head are just dreams. Writing them down and saying them aloud to another person are key to making them happen.

If you don’t control your time, time will control you.

Take a minute to look at your phone’s data to see what your screen time was last week. Do you think you could’ve spend less time on social media or YouTube and more time working towards your goals? Dedicate a specific amount of time in your day to work on these goals.

We hope this helps motivate you in the new year to become engaged again and become a participator!

Become a Participator and Not a Spectator in 2021


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