Reminder to Date Your Spouse

Date Day

This is a reminder to date your spouse. With the busyness of life, work, children, often times we forget the importance of dating our spouse. Whether you are newly married, have been married for a long time, no kids, or have little ones, we have to make time for our better half. We prayed and God sent us trustworthy friends that have children that way we can have a sitter and also help our friends out as well when they need it.

I want this post to be a little reminder to plan out a day, night, or a weekend where you and your spouse can get away and have some one on one time. Having this time together builds intimacy and a stronger connection. We can forget to show appreciation to our spouse during the week and not truly spend quality time together.

What does quality time look like? Webster’s Dictionary defines quality time as giving all of your attention to someone who is close. I love that definition.

Recently, we were intentional and planned a date day after a busy few weeks and came back feeling refreshed. Date days may look like walking in the park, going for a bike ride and lunch, or planning something special. We don’t usually do anything fancy, but we planned something special for this particular date day since it was to celebrate Robert’s birthday. 🙂

We live in Jacksonville, FL and really enjoyed going to the RH Rooftop Restaurant at the St. John’s Town Center. RH was previously known as Restoration hardware and is a beautiful upscale spot to visit It has luxury home goods, furniture, design services, and best of all, a rooftop restaurant. I wanted to go to a place that did not feel like Jacksonville – like we were on a mini vacation. We arrived before our reservations and walked throughout the gallery in the different rooms and outdoor balconies enjoying our surroundings. The food and the environment was wonderful and perfect for our date day. We hung out on the on the rooftop balconies for a while and just talked and enjoyed time with each other. Here are a few photos we took:

RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH Rooftop Restaurant

Date Day


Hubby photographed me outside on the balcony

We came back home so very refreshed. I hope this post was a little reminder to schedule your next date time with your spouse. What are your favorite things to go and do on a date? 


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