Glamping & Hiking Trip at the Canyons

Providence Canyon State Park

Glamping in Strange Farms

We have been wanting to go camping, or should I say glamping for a while. Glamping is “glamorous” camping if you were wondering. Read on to find out more. Robert and I did research on spots close to home here in Jacksonville, FL that way we could go over a weekend. We absolutely loved glamping at Strange Farms and then hiking at Providence Canyon State Park.

Our desire is to create memories as a family as often as we can. In the busyness of school and work and holidays come up, it is important to set aside time to make intentional family memories, and you don’t have to spend a lot. We planned this trip last minute. Thankfully Strange Farms in Ellaville, GA had a glamping tent available for us. It only took us about 4 hours and 15 minutes to arrive at our destination.

Bathroom Large Tent

We initially wanted to go “true” camping but my husband thought it would be a good idea to take us glamping or glamorous camping first since Daniel and I had never been camping before. Strange Farms was absolutely breathtaking and serene. It felt as if it was our property as we did not come across many people. We booked one of the large tents. It had five beds, a heater, power, and a bathroom (I was so thankful for this feature haha). I am so thankful for the heater as it was so cold outside that night. We slept warm and comfortably! They also offered activities and their prices were very reasonable. Check them out here. 

Sinks Shower

My husband and son enjoyed bass fishing. We took nature walks. One of my favorite features was their grill, griddle, fire pit combo that each glamping tent had on the desk. We cooked every meal on it and even made s’mores. Yum!! Don’t make fun of my s’mores – I like them burnt haha!  

Grill, griddle, firepit S'mores

Hiking in the Canyons

The next morning we headed off to our first family hiking adventure at Providence Canyon State Park. There are nine canyons and it is located in Lumpkin, GA which was only one hour from Strange Farms. It only took us a few hours to hike the canyons. We only spent $5 for a parking pass. I will say if you plan on going, try to physically prepare a few weeks ahead of time. I was thankful I was prophetically and unintentionally working out on the stair master machine at the gym for a few weeks before. It really helped me out as you have to hike uphill and downhill a ton.

We brought snacks, water, and lunch and ended up eating our lunch in a canyon that we hiked up. It was really cool! I also highly recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes or boots as it is very wet throughout. There are small streams throughout the hike that are beautiful but hard to avoid if your shoes are not waterproof. My feet stayed dry longer than Daniel’s, but nevertheless, they got wet. Robert was smart in wearing waterproof hiking boots.

There was a gift shop with a few snacks drinks and souvenirs. There is also a restroom there. We bought a souvenir and a few postcards to send to grandparents.


Great Family Trip

The views were breathtaking at Providence Canyon State Park. It was definitely a memorable trip. We were only away for 2 days, spent only a few hundred dollars, and had a great time. You can save money if you decide not to go glamping. We haven’t bought a tent yet, as we wanted to see how we would enjoy the glamping first My husband wanted to ease me into it. I really enjoyed it, so I can see us camping in the future. If you already have actual camping supplies, you could pay to camp in Providence Canyon State Park. Be sure to bring a tripod to take pictures. We are going to have a few printed and put them in frames in our home.

Providence Canyon

We would love to answer any questions you may have about hiking in the canyon or our glamping experience. Please comment below. What are some of your recommended hiking or camping spots?

This post is not sponsored or associated with Strange Farms or Providence Canyon State Park. We just wanted to share about our amazing trip and experience! 🙂


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  1. Yaniah Rivera says:

    How Fun!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the glamping!!!!!

  2. Dawn says:

    Awesome pictures! Looks like it was so much fun. Family time is important.

  3. Looks like a great place for an outing!

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